FREE?! Campaign part 2: Quotation Adaptation by Luc Nagel

Quotation Adaptation

Back to back with the copy/paste campaign for FREE?! a second one has been running to emphasise the multi-folded and contested nature of the ‘free culture’ phenomenon. Designer Luc Nagel developed the campaign “Quotation Adaptation” that consists of posters that are changed with overlays each week, slowly reversing and subverting its own message. The poster campaign is combined with video animations and mobile projections in the city space (!). You can check out the images and the (urban) video below.

Copy Paste Campaign

Copy Paste Campaign for FREE?!

Following a student design competition within the Willem de Kooning Academy’s Graphic Design department, two campaign proposals, by Gülşen Emre and Luc Nagel, were selected to operate back to back to promote the FREE?! event on Friday November 29 at The New Institute in Rotterdam and stimulate the debate on free culture related issues and opinions.